More New Hams – June Hamcram a Success

On Staurday June 21st Mancorad held  the main session & VE session for another of our modified Hamcram Classes.

We’ve adapted the W9PE Hamcram by adding a formal “Pre-Session” and a preparation Elmering Responsibility.

From our Club President (Why retype!!):

From: Carl KA9WYK
June 21, 2008
To: All ManCoRad members
Today Mancorad hosted its spring Ham Cram. I am happy to announce that there are 5 new Hams.We also had two upgrades.
I want to congratulate the following Hams:
Joel Nelson
Victor Weinert
Micaila Leigh
Candy Stauffer
Brent Wright
KB9YRC Travis – General
KB9VLS Chris – Extra
I also want to say Thank You to all of the members who worked so hard to make the Ham Cram a success.
See you all at Field day next weekend!!!
President Mancorad


My thanks to everyone who helps and congratulation to those who tested.  The passing new Amateurs were 5 of the 6 students, and with a bit more Elmering I am certain we’ll mentor the the group to a 100% new Ham result!  

A Special Thanks to the Sheboygan Amateur Radio Club’s VE Team, which made the VE Session possible!!

We will be watching for the FCC to post the new call signs, so the Elmering team can work to get the new Hams on the air!

Mancorad has enough Hamcram & Upgrade interest that another class is in planning for early Autumn.



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