eHam Posed with Reviews Quandry – DailyDX Enthusiasts Too Supportive for Editorial Tastes

Recently eHam has had to address a new issue – a casual request to subscribers of The DailyDX to consider rating the publication in the eHam Reviews section lead to over 75 almost instantaneous 5 out of 5 ratings with reviews from around the world.

This was followed by a very crabby non-review posting giving The DailyDX a 0 of 5 rating by a new 2007 licensee who openly stated he never had even seen the publication.  This bogus review was removed by eHam’s Reviews Manager Phil NA4M after I emailed him pointing out that it wasn’t a product review, but rather a rant by someone who hadn’t taken the time to look over the product.

Next came the usual eHam hand-wringing in the Elmers section and apparently a fair number of private emails.

eHam’s Product Review Manager, Phil NA4M, had himself a paradox – complaints from all directions and thoughts that The DailyDX request to consider doing reviews was somehow advertising.

Result, eHam has pulled the reviews, blocked out the product Name for future reviews and at least for now set-aside the reviews that 75+ amateurs from around the world had taken the time to post.

Second guessing their decision isn’t hard – on the face of it one wonders why they would basically punish the successful for having an enthusiastic paying readership willing to give up their time to post their product reviews?

Isn’t that what eHam Reviews are supposed to be about?

Perhaps the eHam team is thinking about it.

Here are some related links:

eHam Blocking URL

eHam Periodical Reviews Section

eHam URL for My Personal Review which has been Deleted

(My review read: Each Day by email I get the most welcomed look into the world of DX by a subscription email Newsletter, The Daily DX by Bernie McClenny W3UR

From the DailyDX Website: The Daily DX is the first daily (Monday-Friday) E-mailed DX bulletin edited and produced by Bernie McClenny, W3UR.

The Daily DX contains late breaking news about future DXpeditions, propagation forecasts, QSL information, Contest expeditions, IOTA (Islands on the Air), facts, tidbits and more.

The Daily DX is full of fresh new DX information. You get 5 issues a week, received daily by e-mail in your home or office. Snail mail DX bulletins take too long to get you the DX information you need in a timely manner. The other e-mail DX bulletins only come out once a week. Do you want to wait a whole week for the latest DX news and then find you’ve missed a new one?

It is obvious that Bernie W3UR puts a lot of work into the newsletter and still is able to keep his subscription rate modest – you can arrange to receive a couple weeks as a free sample at The DailyDX Website

73 & best DX


The DailyDX

Personally my thoughts, as conveyed before eHam deleted all reviews, was that the reviews by people who actually had purchased and used The DailyDX should stand.

Perhaps eHam will restore them after reflection.




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5 thoughts on “eHam Posed with Reviews Quandry – DailyDX Enthusiasts Too Supportive for Editorial Tastes

  1. N4VA says:

    “a casual request to subscribers of The DailyDX to consider rating the publication in the eHam Reviews section” Who made the request? eHam by posting the product for review? Isn’t there an implied request for reviews whenever a product is posted?

  2. Jeff, KE9V says:

    The abject foolishness of deleting the reviews just confirms to me the low-life nature that is eHam.

    The main complaint seems to have been that there is an eHam mailing list which will reflect every product review. Since The Daily DX got 75+ product reviews in a 24 hour period, the people on this list were upset to receive so much mail.

    But here’s where it get dumber than dirt … once the 75 reviews were posted, the list mailings were already history. Deleting the reviews was an after the fact decision that wouldn’t “undo” the mail already sent.

    For me, this is simply additional (and unnecessary) evidence that eHam is a worthless site as well as a frequent hangout for the trailer trash of amateur radio.

  3. Pat NØHR says:

    I personally think the eHam reviews mechanism is outdated and it’s a shame that it didn’t evolve with the times.

    My beefs with the system:
    1) One dimensional rating rather than multiple attributes (like value, reliability, ease of use, …).
    2) No way to discuss a product under review or a particular review. If someone posts a bogus review (or a question), it would be nice to chime in – however, it’s not a discussion forum.
    3) I want to learn something about the reviewer… how does he rate everything else? What else has he rated?
    4) Anonymous reviews. What’s the point?

    I got so frustrated with it that I went ahead and added my own ham radio review system to my site. It addresses these issues and ties to a forum.

    The problem? Getting others to use it. eHam is very well established with years of data – my review site is relatively new. Perhaps others will see the value in posting reviews to my site:

    Pat NØHR

  4. Bob K0NR says:

    eham benefits from the wisdom of crowds and suffers from the stupidity of crowds…
    73, Bob K0NR

  5. k9zw says:

    the eHam team has also deleted 26 of the 28 reviews for “The WeeklyDX” the weekly pdf version of the DailyDX.

    Looks like their intentions are not to honor the reviews by individuals who actually subscribe to this publications, but to rather punish success.

    Very sad….



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