Emcomm Promises and Practicality


The recent horrid weather in the upper Midwest has brought to many people’s attention the stark reality that many Emcomm groups may be promising more than they can deliver.

Numerous county EC/RO slots are empty.

Some counties have low rosters, specially if those listed who have other primary emergency roles (EMS, Volunteer Fire, First Responders, Served Agency Leadership roles) are deleted. 

In some cases it would not be possible to get enough people off the roster to man all of the Emcomm sites even briefly if needed simultaneously.

If required for a several day period it would be only possible with heavy mutual aid support.

Or would these Emcomm groups try and draw from local amateurs their not on their Emcomm rosters or lists?

Would these not listed amateurs accept the challenge by setting aside their ongoing objections to the current direction of Emcomm they may hold, or would they hold out “for terms?”

Perhaps more realistic is blend somewhere between these two stances.

But the cold hard fact remains – the simple truth that many Emcomm Groups may have a real tough time to meet their served agency expectations, much less provide any reserve for when the emergency gets worse.



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2 thoughts on “Emcomm Promises and Practicality

  1. WB6IVK says:

    In our area we have many joinere but when you call on them – thay are a no show.

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