Dayton Hamvention 2008 Follow-Up Report No. 19 – Comtek Four Squares

Spent a very pleasant hour or so chatting with Jim Miller K4SQR the owner of Comtek Systems a major supplier of the switch gear for Four-Square antennas.  

This was fantastic as Four Square antennas were on my personal “learn everything possible” list for Dayton.

Jim K4SQR seemed to be everywhere – a sponsor of Contest University, at the Supersuites, mentioned at teh Antenna Forum and more!

A four-square antenna is an array of four vertical antennas with phasing controlled to greatly enhance selectivity, rejection, and steerage.  

A controlled phased array can be “pointed” much like a beam, but through the use of electronics alone!  

This link will give you eham reviews of the Comtek four-square unit

Thought I had a grasp of the theory of a four-square, it was really great to have that theory explained for the point of how to put theory into practice.

After our chats with Jim K4SQR the W9EVT plans for a 80m unit from Comtek solidified.  George W9EVT has a 110 ft tower which can carry the four vertical dipoles spread much like a K9YA Loop.  With the phasing unit this array shoudl act much like a 80m beam.

More on the W9EVT installation as it happens, and if you have a chance to talk with Jim K4SQR don’t miss it,  As well as having a respected product, he is a fine gentleman and had no end of patience in answering our questions.



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