Use or Misuse of Request for Clear Frequencies? – Colombian Earthquake Frequencies and a New Quake off Guatemala

Just out on Amateur Reflectors is this request:

Colombian Earthquake Frequencies + New Quake off Guatemala:

From the CQ Newsroom…

CQ Public Service Editor Bob Josuweit, WA3PZO, relays the following information from the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC), via G4HPE:

The following frequencies are in use by amateur radio rescue teams following the 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Colombia:

7077 kHz
7085 kHz
7140 kHz

PLEASE keep these frequencies clear to allow the emergency support to continue.

Frequencies provided from Oscar HK6PRO, Emergency Dispatcher and Firefighter – IRESC member in Colombia.

In addition, the IRESC website reports today (5/27) that, according to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck just off the coast of Guatelmala this morning at 11:28 UTC. This is confirmed by the US Geological Survey’s Earthquake Center. As this is posted, this has not yet been reported by the mainstream media, and there are no reports yet of amatgeur frequencies in use there.

All amateurs should keep the above frequencies clear (as well as the Chinese earthquake emergency frequencies, 7.050, 7.060 and 7.240 MHz, which were still in use at last report), and listen for any distress calls out of Guatemala.

Though I will personally keep clear of these and listen for any aid requests, one wonders if this is a bit of over-reaction given the reports of “a damaged church” and very limited serious damage?

Is the clear channel request “crying Wolf” or a sensible precaution?

Hard call to make, but certainly we can all do our part to help!  I know I will!



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2 thoughts on “Use or Misuse of Request for Clear Frequencies? – Colombian Earthquake Frequencies and a New Quake off Guatemala

  1. Mark Morgan says:

    well the problem is that a 5.5 in columbia is a defferent matter than the same quake here in midwest what was it a 5.3 a while back, and the enviorment afects hw damage is done (and how much infracture exist s) a 5.5 in the moatin of saycalif takes down a cell tower or myaby a phone line but the cell phone system might not even colapse in columbia it may cut a cable which is the common link over a Large area

    althought I wonder not that exppernced but is 40m realy the band they want to use? day or night?

  2. David, K2DBK says:

    I looked through a pile of sources, and I did turn up a 5.9 earthquake that happened on the 24th in Columbia. There’s a ton of data about the quake at the USGS website ( . I also found in some news reports that 6 (some said 3) people were killed, so it looks like it was pretty serious.

    The one at 11:28 UTC was offshore of Guatamala and was a 5.5, details here: I’m not a seismologist, but given that the offshore one was pretty deep (45 miles) and offshore, it’s not surprising that it wasn’t reported by the media.

    While I will certainly stay off those frequencies for a couple of days, it sure looks like the info about the 5/24 quake didn’t make it through until now, and the addition of the 5/27 quake just confused things.

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