Dayton Hamvention 2008 Follow-Up Report No. 15 – Buying Boatanchors

At Dayton I had the chance to help George W9EVT with boat anchor purchases.

George W9EVT has by far the knowledge to select the “good stuff” for his collection, but the real trick was how to get them out of the Flea Market area.

The grunt & lug was manageable by borrowing a hand tailer, but the trick was how to get my vehicle to the Flea Market.

Turns out it is pretty straight forward, you pull into the main enterance to get a pick-up 20 minute pass and drive to a designated loading zone outside of Gate C.

That none of the Flea Market paid or voluneer staff seemed to know what the pick-up system was, and were in a near panic when I did this was annoying.  Somehow their briefings failed to cover such a simple basic as “how people pick up their purchases.”

All that aside, after wasting hours to do teh pick-up right, we did pick up George W9EVT’s buys:

Collins ART-13 Flyer

A Collins Autotune ART-13
with a Power Supply for it (check out W2EC’s video on an ART-13 in Operation)
A National HRO-50 with coils
and a Hallicrafters HT-17 Transmitter

The links are from the excellent Rigpix Homepage – recommended!

Rather filled up the back of the vehicle! 

Hopely for 2009, if the Hamvention is in Dayton, that the staff will have a better biref & system to facilitate boat anchor pickups.



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