Dayton Hamvention 2008 Follow-Up Report No. 4 – Icecube

After Contest University and the Bloggers Chat in the Sky Lounge, we happen to meet a Project Icecube  system team member.  

At the Contest Supersuite we met George Anderson W7ON

George W7ON had been a major part of the RFI/EMP/EMI design for this Cubic KM array 1 KM down beneath the South Pole Polar Ice cap.

He mentioned that a “mini-HAARP” HF project near by was a major design issue in shielding this huge array.

Here are three videos on IceCube, ranging for a brief introduction to a broader description of the particles they are watching for:

The University of Wisconsin Project Link is

Though still under construction, the IceCube Project is partially up and detecting, with first particle traces observed in 2004 – MSN Article on First Traces.

George W7ON is in the process of becoming more active in Amateur Radio – hopefully some of his vast RFI/EMP/EMI experience will make it to the pages of QST or CQ !

Again it is a continued amazement the caliber of people one meets at the Dayton Hamvention.



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3 thoughts on “Dayton Hamvention 2008 Follow-Up Report No. 4 – Icecube

  1. Morris says:

    Hey Steve,

    Really great stuff here. When my son comes back from his last final tomorrow, this will be assigned viewing and reading. He already finished HS physics for the year, a little reading on particle physics and what the big boys are looking at and how they are doing it, will surely interest him. What is nice is that one of your links has decent explanations of the particles they are looking to monitor, and likely sources of these subatomic particles-particles so small, they can get away with breaking all of those ancient Newton laws, and oh, so smart alecky: “I’m over here. No, no, I’m here. Now you see me, now you don’t.”



  2. hamster says:

    That is a very cool project, literally, being in the south pole!

  3. k9zw says:

    Hello Dr C

    Feel free to touch base if your lad would like to talk to W7ON and/or if he wants to visit the Madison WI end of the project.



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