Dayton Hamvention – Report 3 – Hiberling is Coming

Ok – I am still simply pleased at spending some time with Mr Hans Hiberling and his engineers.  Then to spend some time getting a feel of the Hiberling in the RF chaos was a real treat.

I’m told that European shipments of the radio will start within the next two weeks.

Array solutions was waiting to have a physical copy of the FCC sign-off in hand before excepting orders and expects Q4 2008 deliveries of the first production US Market Hiberlings.

This rig has so much thought into it.  The display is awesome, and is raked back inside the cabinet (the glass is on the front plane, but the display is tilted back) for the classiest display I’ve seen.  

Full blasts of RF from nearby (100 ft or 30m !!!) stations did not overload the front end.

The work load inside is split among five processors and seems to do an outstanding job.

Really nice touches such as having teh operating manual on lifetime card in a pull-out slot under the radio body.  

I heard a couple hams talking about the Hiberling say “it is just a trophy radio” – perhaps, but a trophy that has such quality of performance and build as to be worth every penny.

Guess you can tell I want one!

Pricing will be in the area of my forecasts.




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