USS Cobia Submarine Activation – For Immediate Release

** USS Cobia Submarine MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND 2008

NB9QV ‘USS COBIA’ club and W9DK Mancorad club of Manitowoc, WI. will be
operating from aboard the WWII Memorial Submarine ‘USS COBIA AGSS-245
celebrating the Museum ships weekend June 7 & 8 when all current Museum
ships will be on the air with activity.

Dates: June 7th and 8th 2008

Time: 1400utc-2200utc (9am to 5pm CST)

Operating freq’s:+/-30khz: 3.900, 7.250, 14.260 SSB and some 20-40M CW using
the original radio equipment.

Echolink KC9JGE on the 145.110 repeater during this event.

Local Mancorad repeater 146.610 (-) pl 107.2

Web link:

Contact: Carl, KA9WYK,

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