AmQRP Releases a Significant Upgrade to the NUE-PSK Modem

AmQRP has released a significant upgrade to the NUE-PSK

This is an easy upgrade, much along the likes of loading an Arduino or Boarduino with a program.

Here are the release notes:

   v1.20 Release Notes 
       May 13, 2008

Bug fixes …

1) CwID is now working.

2) Some non-printable characters no longer print as “garbage” on display.

3) “Right Half Of Display Blanking” has been fixed by adjusting the timing of the control sugnals to the LCD. 

4) Improved locking onto PSK signals on the spectrum.

5) Smoother interaction with the Tune encoder control, primarily with the menu slections under the Select pushbutton.

New Features …

1) F10 for TX Toggle … F10 is now used to switch between Tx and Rx modes. (F12 was previously used for this, but using F10 is much more convenient for operators using the popular “2366” minikeyboards that require you to hold the Fn key to get to F11 and F12.)

2) Backspace … The backspace key now works as expected when recording macros or transmitting. It always worked as far as the outgoing signal was concerned, but the display did not show the cursor backing up by blanking the previously-typed character.

3) Ctrl-S (“Switch To Transmit”) … is now available for use as a special control character at the beginning of a macro. The control character is looked for when a macro button is pressed, even while in receive, If the character is found at the beginning of a macro, the modem will automatically switch to transmit, and continue to play the rest of the macro. This means that you can generate a macro for calling CQ that will switch the modem to transmit without having to use F10, call CQ and return to receive mode if the macro is ended with Ctrl-Q … all by using a single key press. This makes it possible to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the need for pressing F10 when conducting a QSO.

4) Speed tuning … 1X, 2X, 5X and 10X step rates are now available for tuning using the keyboard keys:
     1X: left/right arrow keys
     2X: up/down arrow keys
     5X: Alt + left/right arrow keys
     10X: Alt +up/down arrow keys

5) Configuration Menu Improvements … we added several user interface improvements concerning the displaying, saving and loading of configurable modem settings.

     a) “Current setting display” — When you dial up a configurable menu (Mode, Squelch, CwID, Backlight, PGA), the current setting is now shown. (Previously, the display always showed the first choice, regardless of another choice already being in effect.) 

     b) “Save Configuration” … A new menu item is available, one-position counter-clockwise from exit, whereby you can save the current settings to nonvolatile memory. Thus whatever changes made to the configurable items (Mode, Squelch, CwID, Backlight, PGA) will be automatically restored upon the next power-up. 

     c) “Report Configuration” … F12 now toggles the display of the current configuration settings. Pressing F12 once shows the current settings, and pressing F12 again (or any other key) brings you back to normal modem operation. This is a convenient way to view at a glance the current settings in the modem.

6) Supply Voltage … is displayed in the splash screen on the display during power-up. Helpful when running on batteries to see the starting voltage level of the supply.


All the upgrades are well worth it – I plan to upgrade mine after the Dayton Hamvention when I have some more time.

Check out all the action at:



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