IOTA EU-189 Rockall – May14/15th Activation?

Rockall with British Marine Guards 1974


Possible activations of Rockall have been in the DX news – with a May 14/15 +/- possible activation by Mike McGirr K9AJ as MM/K9AJ/P announced at DX World of Ham Radio Blog

 Mike K9AJ has activated quite a number of Islands, and has announced he will work CW on IOTA frequencies if he can get on Rockall during this attempt.

Here is some background on Rockall – including an explaination of the Guard Shack & British Royal Marines that very temporarily were on the Island in 1974:

“When will Rockall be Activated” by Wolfgang Schippke DC3MF

“Rockall: Bastion of Empire” by Alan Goudman in “Rose and Crown” 2006 Volume II

“I will be king of Rockall” by Ben Fogle

Best of luck to Mike K9AJ and all the rest of Island Man’s (aka Andy Strangeways) Team!


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2 thoughts on “IOTA EU-189 Rockall – May14/15th Activation?

  1. Nick Hancock says:

    Steve, do you still have access to the Goudman article on Rose & Crown? The link is broken and I can’t find it online. Thanks, Nick

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