Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day 2008 – May 24th 2008



PRESS RELEASE (as a Veteran I simply HAVE to post this!):
Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day 2008

ARMAD 2008 is approaching. ARMAD is Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.

It is an event that allows the people from our communities to give messages of support and appreciation to our Troops, Veteran’s, Military Retired, and First Responders over Amateur Radio.

ARMAD is always held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. In 2008 it falls on May 24TH. It is a Special Event, and can be an individual effort, or the joint effort of your local Amateur Radio Club. The main goal of ARMAD is to generate publicity for our hobby while providing a great public service to our local communities, our military members; and their families.

ARMAD also encourages Military Support Groups, and Veterans organizations to be involved in the event. It can be a small event or a community affair with as much activity such as entertainment, speakers, and other participation as each ARMAD location or individual venue wants to organize.

ARMAD was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and we have a full program, bands, children’s activities, displays, Soldiers, and First Responders on location to give the people that attend something to do while also learning about Amateur Radio. We encourage third party QSO’S, and the passing of traffic during the event.

Although the main event is held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we invite all Amateur Radio Operators Worldwide to participate. We operate on HF, VHF, PSK31, VOIP, and APRS. It is up to each individual or club how they run the event, and what modes they use. We encourage each location to QSO each other, and to check in with the host Station in Fort Wayne. ARMAD has no operating rules and is meant to be a fun event that gives the people of our communities a chance to see our hobby at work, and also gives the public hands on experience with the hobby.

A list of the main operating modes and frequencies are listed at however you may operate anywhere in the ham bands. The ARMAD web page can be found at

How do you get involved with ARMAD? Mainly by just getting on the air and calling CQ ARMAD. This can be done as an individual at home, mobile, or as an Amateur Radio Club effort. We invite you to check in with the host ARMAD location in Fort Wayne, and with other stations that are involved on air during the event. We encourage you to set up at public venues, such as parks, VA Hospitals, Military Bases or other Memorial Day Events. We have found out that people like the idea of helping to support those that serve our Country, and want to learn more about Amateur Radio.

Why participate in ARMAD? ARMAD helps us promote Amateur Radio to the general public. It also provides a public service that is for a good cause. Our Troops, and Veterans need our support. Many of them are serving as Reserves or in the National Guard so they have a unique connection to our communities. Many are our sons, daughters, relatives, and neighbors. Many of our States have large numbers of these men and women deployed. ARMAD gives us, and the people of our communities a way to share messages of support and gives military families a chance to see that support in action.

Let’s ‘Ham It Up For The Troops’ this Memorial Day Weekend. Fill the bands with positive messages of thanks and appreciation for those that sacrifice to keep this nation free.

ARMAD also includes all Coalition Forces.




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