Should Native American Nations Be Their Own DXCC Entities?


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An anachronism of the DXCC Entity Criteria is an legacy exclusion of “Reservations” from DXCC eligibility.

In so many other aspects of The Nations of Native Americans, they have a strongly manifested political existence not present when the DXCC rules were drafted.

They are in so many ways Soviergn Nations within the USA & Canada.

With this status in mind, and the removal the label of reservations in order to eliminate the pejorative undertow “reservations” had taken on,  shouldn’t we afford these lands their own Radio DXCC status?

What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “Should Native American Nations Be Their Own DXCC Entities?

  1. Mark Morgan says:

    never thought of it before but absolutely they should be

  2. Pat NØHR says:

    They just need to be consistent. You’re right – in this area they aren’t consistent.

    For example, Sovereign Military Order of Malta?

    The DXCC critera state:
    ii) Any area with limited sovereignty or ceremonial status, such as monuments, indigenous areas, reservations, and homelands.

    I’m actually ok with that. However, isn’t SMOM essentially a ceremonial sovereignty?

    I don’t think the DXCC entity debate will ever end.

  3. k9zw says:

    Hi Pat N0HR

    The SMOM is quite interesting, as it has a few bits of land granted extraterritorial status, but not sovereignity.

    Isn’t the SMOM DXCC status one of the grandfathered DXCC Entities under rule 3e?

    3e) Entities on the 1998 DXCC List that do not qualify under the current criteria remain as long as they retain the status under which they were originally added. A change in that status will result in a review in accordance with Rule 5 of this Section.

    Wonder how many others like this are on the list!

    Agree that it is unlikely that the DXCC list will ever be static for very long.



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