Downloadable Resource – Russian Phrases for Amateur Radio

Being polite in another Radio Amateur’s language is one for the first signs of Mutual Respect Radio Amateurs can show each other.

I’ve always been fascinated by Russian Language and was very interested when this website was publicized recently.

This 20-page syllabus was compiled during the Cold War by Len Traubman, W6HJK, to help amateurs better communicate with their Soviet colleagues. A 90-minute audio cassette was eventually added to help with pronunciation. You need not be an expert in Russian, only interested in “trying.”

The booklet provides (1) English words and phrases for QSOs, accompanied by (2) the Russian translation and (3) the English transliteration, to assist you in pronouncing the Russian.

The syllabus follows the natural sequence of a QSO. There are additional sections on the Russian alphabet, phonetics, CW characters, numerals, and given women’s and men’s names. Suggestions are made for addressing mail to the former Soviet Union.


Very cool – on the website are mp3 clips of the phrases as well!


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