Every Night 160 Meter Group – 1.895 Year Round

Some casual rag-chew groups run for years and years, every day of the week, year round.

The Every Night 160 Meter at 1.895 is one of these fine groups.


Typically a “Pre-Net” forms in the half our or so before the net.  Resulars who cannot stay for the full net sometimes drop in during the “Pre-net” asking Net Control to pass on their regards to the group as a whole.

At net time the Pre-Net callsign list is read and then check-ins are asked for.  Once the list is set the first round goes around, with folk sharing something about their day and radio.

At the end of the first round additional check-ins are sought, with the added being given a round one opportunity.

Then a “73 Round” goes down the list, with each member given their regards to the group.

The afterglow can sometimes carry on for a while as special interest are explored informally.

Nothing fancy, just good honest folk all on the air together with Gentlemen & Ladies proper form.

I’ve check in several times over the years, and have met a number of the fine folk who participate on the net.

Check it out.  There ar similar casual nets on other bands and in other geographic areas.


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11 thoughts on “Every Night 160 Meter Group – 1.895 Year Round

  1. Mark Morgan says:

    hmm i think i have heard some of these folks wasn’t aware of a net and such wil have to look at it more serious

    thanks for the info

  2. […] out my previous Article Every Night 160 Meter Group – 1.895 Year Round  and the 160m Everynight Net Webpage at: […]

  3. Don N8JIW says:

    great net !!! n8jiw don shaker hts ohio


    what freq.’s is 160 meters ? swl jake

  5. […]     On a more radio-related note, I’d like to pass along a few things.     1)   KD9TZ told us about a 160m net that he is net control for on Thursdays.    This net runs 365 days a year, at 0000utc, regardless of season.   It’s on 1895 KHz, and they had 35 check-ins tonight across the USA.   KD9TZ Mike invites anyone with privileges for 160m to say hello.    If I ever get on an HF band someday, 160m will probably be it.    EDIT:   I Googled this net and found a pair of websites:   http://www.wb8sqj.com/en160/index.html  and https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2008/04/15/every-night-160-meter-group-1895-year-round/ […]

  6. John Ramsay W1JNR says:

    What time is the net???? UTC??

  7. Chuck K8CPA says:

    The net is on, I think, from 7:00 till 8:00PM EDT… I think they do I prenet too.. Not sure. DE K8CPA -Chuck

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