Really Bad Form – 14.275 Mafia Chases off DX Stations

At some point the DCC and Radio Canada will have to properly deal with the cross border intentional QRM by the handful of stations that block 14.275

Saturday Afternoon (roughly 2000 UTC on April 12, 2008 ) hundreds of Amateurs were patiently listening while Peter 5X4X (Uganda) was working a huge pile up by the numbers, simplex on frequency 14.277.7.

Out of the blue the “Cult of 14.275 QRM” starts calling “Is this Frequency in use,” further announcing they didn’t care if there was anyone else already established on frequency.  They then started transmitting rebroadcasts keyed on-and-off exactly to block Peter 5X4X

Peter had carefully worked at least once through 0 to 5’s when the deliberate frequency blocking started.

Unfortunately the QRM was so heavy and directed that Peter 5X4X chose to go QRT, rather than QSY to another frequency.

Who can blame Peter 5X4X?

How long will the FCC and Radio Canada be put off taking action on the numerous complaints, many with audio recordings, of the antics of this 14.275 group?

While Amateur Radio is allowed to self-police, the enforcement actions need to be offical and from the FCC.

Perhaps if more of us take the time to make recordings & send them in to the FCC there will be corrective action?

Something has to give, and it shouldn’t be those who play by the rules.


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— Was emailed that the sort of antisocial behavior the “Cult of 14.275 QRM” undertakes is “Dominating By Disrupting.”  Not a healthy place to get your “strokes” from.  Regardless these folk should have to sit “time out” away from Amateur Radio – perhaps for years or forever. 

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8 thoughts on “Really Bad Form – 14.275 Mafia Chases off DX Stations

  1. Brian, K3VR says:

    Kudos Steve. Couldn’t agree with you more. Whether it’s the idiot in Canada or his anonymous detractors, playing music or rebroadcasting his offensive rants, there is no place in ham radio for deliberate qrm.



  2. Daniel L. Jeswald says:

    Agreed totally. Just for my own edification …. do you think that those of us that use that frequency and properly identify are the problem? If so, why.


  3. k9zw says:

    Hi Dan W4NTI

    The frequency is certainly not a set aside for any individual or group of amateurs.

    “By the book” – check the frequency, use IDs and being a good ham….

    When folk move onto this (14.275) or onto the 14.195 problem frequency, it is questionable if they are legitimate or just doing a wind-up for wind-up’s sake.

    In the case I listened to, 5X4X had been on a near by frequency for hundreds of DX QSOs when the “Cult of 14.275 QRM” moved in to trash the DX experience for the hundreds of amateurs listening for their number to come up.

    It simply is “conduct unbecoming of a Gentleman” to do the QRM they deliberately not only did, but bragged about doing.

    Certainly would be an embarrassing amateur radio demonstration if that was an experience of a new ham, or a youth.



  4. Daniel L. Jeswald says:


    No arguement from me. If that happened as stated, then it is wrong. I think I heard it. I had just finished up a QSO with a station using the W7 remote link. I was trying to help his clean up the audio. Then the crap started on top of us, that was on 14.275. So I assume it was the same clown on 277,

    I never heard the Uganda station, but then I wasn’t looking either. I normally check the clusters when I come on the band. But this time I must have not bothered because I wasn’t planning on staying long.

    Hopefully that type of operation will stop. We shall see.


  5. k9zw says:

    I’ve had emails mistakenly claiming that specific radio amateurs were identified as the QRM source. Actually I would describe some of these more as “Rants” rather than emails.

    My station does not have the technical equipment, nor do I have any interest in the investigation of the problem stations.

    In the end we all have to look to common sense, and our own moral compass in how we interact as radio amateurs.

    Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) is always the first measure of one’s own activities.

    Reflection of what things would look like from the other persons shoes is an externalized version of the Golden Rule that should be your next stop.

    The action that is really needed is internalized self-restraint by a group of us who somehow feel hard done by, or for some reason have a need to ruin the experience for others.

    Very much surprised that no comments were made contrasting the “Cult of 14.275 QRM” and the very regular Top Band net covered in my next post.

    In the case of the Top Band group they act as Gentlemen, do QSY or coordinate if a frequency is in use, ID with their own callsigns with regularity, keep their language “Family suitable”, welcome newcomers, and hold themselves to a mutually recipricated high standard.

    We all should do so well…



  6. k9zw says:


    I will not be able to post any running account of any reports I didn’t hear myself.

    I know there are a number of websites directed at the “sides” of the 14.275 situation which would be a better depository for these reports.

    Thank you for your understanding & 73


  7. Erik KC9NRN says:

    I recently became a new Ham on May 17th in Dayton Ohio during the Hamvention. I made the decision to become a Ham at the prompting of my wife who got sick of hearing me talk about it so in March she said just do it! Anyway, I bought my first transceiver and began listening while I was studying for my Tech.

    I chanced upon 14.275 and what I heard was unreal. VE7KFM was saying things I couldn’t believe, I thought at first it was just some nut who had nothing better to do and I mentioned it on a forum where I was quickly taken to task for mentioning 14.275 let alone Karol, then Karol chimed in on the thread and with no rebuke from the forum members did there what he does on the air. I quickly found out how many Ham’s are on the air and off and I didn’t like what I saw or heard, every hobby has bad apples but this hobby seemed to have more than its fair share of narcissistic jerks.

    As a new licensee I bought into the self policing aspect of the hobby that almost nobody seems to share, not vocally anyway (I have since learned differently). Just turn the knob, problem solved! Well, it’s now July and the antics of 14.275 seems almost normal, as pathetic as that statement is, it’s true.

    I can’t talk on 20m so I just pass that frequency once in awhile and it’s just getting worse and worse. Just this past weekend Karol was doing his usual and the jammers were doing their usual. Now that Riley is gone Karol feels he has been justified for his on air actions and the lack of enforcement in Canada bolsters his delusions even further.

    Thankfully I have heard many good Amateur’s on the bands, 14.275 is the frequency that shows us all how not to be, we can choose to chime into the fray as it happens or record the activity and pass it onto the FCC which I have done, with no response but at least I can say that rather than turn the other check I did as the rules specified and learned from it.

    When I get my General, I’ll likely ignore 14.275 but I’m glad I found out the sewer part of the hobby right away.

    I digress, thanks for the article, 73.


  8. Don - VA7LNX says:

    To Erik KC9NRN:

    Don’t let those types of people get you down. There’s great people in ham radio and they far outnumber the idiots.


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