The W9EVT “Ham Hotel” – Major Ham Shack Upgrades and Guesthouse Accommodations

George W9EVT’s Greengate Farm Hamshack has undergone a bit of a transformation.

It is now approaching four times as big!

As George’s XYL Susan did a serious upgrade with a new kitchen & build-out at the main Greengate Farm Home, the Ham Shack has started its transformation to a Ham Mansion!

While accomidations at Greengate Farm remain the same as before the expansion, the Ham Mansion will offer a significant increase in space to show off the best of George W9EVT’s collection of radios and related gear.

This is very nice for the WI9DX DX Club when operating from the W9EVT QTH.

Greengate Farm Main Website

W9EVT’s Greengate Farm Ham Shack/Mansion

W9EVT Hamansion from the South

W9EVT Hamansion from the East

W9EVT Hamansion from the West

 With the new Ham Mansion closed in, a room by room finishes & completion project starts, one that may take some time as just the right furnishings & radio gear are set up for the Radio Rooms.

George W9EVT shared that the master plan includes separate rooms for Military Radios, several of the major US Manufacturers, and a significant extension of his main operating area.

Not only does the expansion and theme operating rooms make the W9EVT Ham Mansion special, the location on Washington Island Wisconsin (US Island WI-001L) and available rental accomidations on site make it a unique combination.

More on the W9EVT Greengate Ham Mansion to follow!



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