Bits & Tidbits of News on the Run-Up to Dayton

Ok with the Dayton Hamvention a mere six weeks out, I would expect any of us planning to go are getting the “Dayton Itch.”

I’m again registered for Contest University, and there is 3-1/2 weeks more of open registration before they close off new applications on April 30th.  I’ll be attending the Alumni section, which is programmed to follow on from the material presented last year.

It has been proposed before and Scott NE1RD & I were there in 2007, as a Ham-Blogger Gatheringduring the Hamvention is in the works.  More when time & date are settled.

I hear rumbling of various product launches and some expected products that may be held back from Dayton.  Some of the launches I’ll be covering in the next few weeks, and obviously unless it is a product announced and withdrawn I won’t have very much to say about the Dayton no shows.

Cannot tell you how smart I think it is hold back a product just not quite 100% ready, rather than rush to show at Dayton.  As big of a milestone of the amateur radio industry calendar as Dayton is creates huge pressure to have product to launch by the time of the show.  But if a product isn’t ready for prime time this same exposure can kill it stone cold.

More over the next week!  Don’t miss that deadline to join Contest University!



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