Just Faking It – BPL BS Exposed

Check out the ARRL Editorial “It Seems to Us: Imaginary Numbers” where David Sumner, K1ZZ carefully exposes how the BPL industry has used tiered-research to create phantom customers where none existed.

Tiered-Research is where research firms cite other research firm’s statistics without qualification, expressly because the statistics happen to conveniently support their research’s premisses.

In other words they skip doing primary research, skip doing the vetting of secondary research one would expect, and quote whatever they like, just as long as it supports their cause.

David K1ZZ points out how the the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the BPL industry are purposely using tiered research to present inflated and bogus BPL user statistics.

Put more simply they are reporting falsehoods. Whether those lies are intentional or slovenly flawed research is open to conjecture, but remember the NTIA exists only to do reporting like this and should be presumed as technically equipped to do, or at least recognize, proper research.

These bigger than life claims misstating reality occur throughout the BPL industry.

Lets look at the Washington Island (WI-001L) deployment.

The BPL Company Website Claims Deployment & Conditional RUS Approval.

Here is their map:

Door County Show as BPL Deployed

click on the graphic for a larger version

Yet here is screen shot taken within minutes on the official RUS website:

RUS Door County BPL Status 02APR08

click on the graphic for a larger version

Something doesn’t jive.

Rumble on the Island is the Coop may have installed gear to run a small test area of BPL, but I can’t find any mention of it anywhere, can’t find anyone who has seen it run, nor can I find anyone who knows someone who has seen it run.

The BPL signup on the website is disabled, though they do have rates now posted:

Posted BPL Rates

click on the graphic for a larger version

These rates seem very pricey at first blush, but when one remembers the limited alternatives perhaps a business might pay $3,000 a year (remember there are taxes in addition) for 1/2 of DSL throughput?

The basic offering is so slow as to beg whether it can even be called broadband? This is the same rate as a pair to multiplexed ISDN lines, an option my business successfully used for a number of years in the “old days.”

Phantom user counts from bad research, and phantom deployments & claims of RUS approval……..

Perhaps these are all errors & mistakes. Or perhaps the technology is the error & mistake.

It is up to you to decide.



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