Another Weekend on the Road & Off the Air

Really would have liked to have had some on-air time this weekend, but it wasn’t to be.

Five-hundred miles of beautiful countryside covered, with full family as we did a University Preview Day visit to Michigan Technical University, where our eldest Tom KC9JGD is enrolled for autumn.

Fantastic area of the country, the Keweenaw Peninsula!

Keweenaw Peninsula

The truck isn’t setup for Mobile HF, and with all of us traveling it would have been unrealistic to have spent much time on the air mobile even if it were.

There was also the full alertness needed to avoid the herds of deer grazing wherever the snow melt had thinned the ground cover of snow enough to allow the first tips of buds to pop out.

In the Keweenaw the snow on the side of some streets easily was six-foot plus high, despite the start of the melt.

All in all a wonderful trip and though it meant missing a contest, it was well worth it!



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3 thoughts on “Another Weekend on the Road & Off the Air

  1. Marcia Goodrich says:

    Glad you and your son enjoyed your trip to the Keweenaw and Michigan Technological University. We had another six inches of snow in Houghton last night (an April Fool’s joke on those of us contemplating crocuses), but oh, this morning was lovely beyond words.

    The snow will be gone soon enough; it’s almost time to put away the skis and bring out the bikes.

  2. k9zw says:

    Hi Marcia!

    Good to hear that Mother Nature has a sense of humor, giving the Keweenaw another bit of snow!

    We had an excellent visit, great people & great place. Was an opportunity for Tom’s Mom (Alison KC9MPL), and brothers (Winston KC9FVR and Vic) to see MTU & Houghton for their first time.

    73 and thank you again for stopping & commenting!


  3. Mark Morgan says:

    well I hope your son enjoys the area this fall
    personaly I could have done without this post winter blast
    as I was returning north from aes superfest to make our club meeting (you do know the area baosts a college club and non college radio club i hope

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