School or Library Gift Suggestion that Counts – ARRL Library Set

Not all of us are ARRL members, but it is the rare Radio Amateur in the USA who hasn’t used an ARRL publication at some point or another.

I remember looking at the ancient ham radio books in our local public library as our local club developed a project to supply the county libraries with at least a few basic entry level books, and in the case of our main library a full ARRL Library Set.

ARRL Library Book Set

Special money saving offer! This book set includes popular ARRL publications, intended for clubs or individuals that wish to make a gift to a local library or school. Only complete sets of these publications are available at the special price of $200 per set. Price includes UPS ground shipping throughout the 48 contiguous states, only. Call for other shipping options. Editions sent will be those available at the time the order is received. Publications and prices are subject to change without notice. This special offer applies only to orders purchased directly from ARRL. Orders must be pre-paid.

ARRL Library Book Set - Book List

The ARRL offer is roughly a 40% discount, offered in the interest in getting these books into the “right places” for encouraging potential new amateurs and supporting licensees who are library users.

The link is:

And the special order form is at:

Our local club has done a Library set several times over the years, one for the Manitowoc Public Library and one for the Club Reference Library. After a few years we do another donation set to keep the books up to date.

Perhaps such a gift would fit into your club’s community efforts?



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2 thoughts on “School or Library Gift Suggestion that Counts – ARRL Library Set

  1. Howard Parks AB9FH says:

    Before you make the donation, contact the library to find out their policy. Hard to believe that a public library would refuse a gift..but it does happen. Also, investigate their policy on retention. The books may not be retained if they don’t get checked out often enough.

  2. k9zw says:

    Thank you for the reminder Howard!

    You are exactly right – you have to coordinate up front.

    Library Professional rules do not let them easily purge even horribly out of date materials or even mark them “Out of Date – for Reference Only”, so you may have to work out something “quietly” to assist them in getting the rubbish off their shelves.

    Thanks again for the reminder, we went through this and I had forgotten to include it in my write-up.



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