Bureau or Burro? – Sorters Spoiling Cards

A while back I wrote about the hiccup where GlobalQSL was putting USA-to-USA QSL cards into the ARRL Bureau System. (Domestic QSL Hick-Up – GlobalQSLs are not DX QSLs per ARRL and GlobalQSL – US to US QSL Options & Solutions )

Proactively I wrote to each of our Bureaus apologizing & explaining that their was a hiccup and how that I would gladly pay the cost to return any of my cards back to me.

Several Bureau Managers wrote back, some saying not to worry, some saying they would forward the misdirected cards, one welcoming any & all cards no matter where from, and a couple Bureau Managers bluntly being crabby about the problem.

To be clear the problem was not created by the individual hams using GlobalQSL, but by the same mixed bag of responses GlobalQSL received from the various Bureau Managers.

It seems that one Bureau in particular has enough of a case of heartburn as to waste everyone’s resources shipping cards to my home bureau so I can personally see how they defaced the card.

This sure falls far short of the ideals of Amateur Radio.  One wonders why someone would be so bitter and yet volunteer to do QSL bureau work?

To satisfy the apparent offense to their self-righteousness they make a point to spoil the card, preventing it from being mailed onwards once returned. 


To be fair of the cards returned from my batch of misdirected USA-to-USA QSL cards only a very small handful were defaced.  Most cards came back with either a form letter, a note, or some without comment.  I’ve made a point of sending a donation to cover costs where the cards were returned.

Also I have learned that a great many of the cards were delivered to the other ham by various ARRL Bureaus despite being USA-to-USA cards in a DX system in error.

More importantly the vast number of Amateurs involved in doing bureau work are our unsung-heroes of DX QSLing, and deserve our praise and admiration!

Perhaps the Bureau Managers are working on a unified policy to respond to these hiccups and what to do with USA-to-USA cards in the system by error.?

Somehow one would suspect that trashing cards to make a point, to make any point, would not be part of that policy.

(Note I decided not to post a copy of the Bureau Defaced cards as it would identify the Bureau & Sorter before they had a chance to reply to my enquiry why they felt they needed to deface cards.)



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One thought on “Bureau or Burro? – Sorters Spoiling Cards

  1. Mark Morgan says:

    well glad to hear you at least get a response from the borro I had dropped them a line now and to see if anything had come through for a me at all being tech at the time it seemed unlikely much would but but never a response at all

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