TWIAR Turns 15 – Podcasts & Repeater Broadcasts for 780 Issues!

Twiar Turns 15

 This Week in Amateur Radio starts its 15th year, having finished 780 audio issues!

 Think of it, 780 audio-casts roughly 1 to 1-1/2 hours each over a 15 year period!

 Here is TWIAR’s Press Release:

This Week in Amateur Radio Begins 15th Year
of Service To The Amateur Radio Community

With this issue of This Week in Amateur Radio
And This Week in Amateur Radio Headline News,
edition 780, we begin and celebrate our 15th
year of service to the amateur radio community.

The bulletin service has changed greatly over
the years, and certainly would not have made it
this far without the loyalty and dedication of
our world wide all volunteer staff.

We’ve come a long way in the past fifteen years.
From the old analog days of open reel tape (I miss
those old Revox machines) to early telephone quality
audio on satellite subcarriers, to today’s all digital
editing and distribution on the Internet.

Over the years, many folks both hams and non-hams
have graced the airwaves of This Week in Amateur Radio.

I would like to take this opportunity to list here,
all of our current staff, and what contribution they
make each week. It takes over sixty man-hours of time
to complete production on each of the programs.

Here, in no particular order, are the people that make
This Week in Amateur Radio, This Week in Amateur Radio
Headline News, and This Week in Amateur Radio International
possible. As we begin our fiftieth year:

Our Internet team:

Greg Williams K4HSM (web site design & maintenance)
Dale Sargent N0WKF (web site audio engineer)
Fred Moses W8FSM (web site hosting and server maintenance)
Al Waller (QSL.NET) (back up server hosting)
Jay Silvio, N9WMU Staff artist

Our Segment Producers:

Bill Baran, N2FNH “The Random Access File”
Bill Continelli W2XOY “The Ancient Amateur Archives”
Vern Jackon, WA0RCR “Gateway 160 Meter Net Report”
Leo Laporte “Technology News and Commentary”
Steve Nichols, G0KYA “Monthly Propagation Forecast”
Will Rogers, W4WLR “More Musings”
Bruce Paige, KK5DO, “Working Amateur Radio Satellites”
Greg Stoddard, KF9MP “Tower Climbing & Antenna Safety”
Phillip Neidlinger, KA4KOE, “Dead Electrical Dudes”
Brent Taylor, VE1JH, “DX Podcast”
Pat Tice, WA0TDA “Courage Handi-Ham Update”
David Stark, NF2G “Ask Doctor Scanner”

Our Current News Anchors

Blair Alper……..KA9SEQ
Greg Barker
Cliff Boand……..WA0JTW
Craig Fincher……N5KKB
Sam Fleischer……WB2EZL
Mike Gorniak ……NM7X
Larry Guerrera…..W2LAG
Nick Griming
Rowe Hudson……..K04PK
Ken Julian………K7VOX
Paul Kolacki…….K2FX
Byron Lee……….N0EEK
Jeff Lehman……..KC8QCH
Dave Lufkin……..KB3JRJ
Wayne Nelms……..N4DCL
Chris Perrine……KB2FAF
Mark Phillips……G7LTT
Bill Russell…….KC2IFR
Cory Sickles…….WA3UVV
Larry Shilkoff…..KJ6NV
Andrew Slaugh……KB2LUV
Peter Summers……KL2GY
Jay Silvio………N9WMU
Brent Taylor…….VE1JH
Mark Wheeler…….WB2ULR
Scott Westerman….W9WSW
Duane Whittingham..N9SSN
Jim Wishner…..N0EXX

To all, a big thank you! All of the amateurs
listed above give back to the amateur service in
their own special way, by helping to keep the amateur
radio community informed. If I forgot someone on the
list, please forgive me, and write me a note to add
you in!

Here’s to another fifteen years!

George Bowen – W2XBS
Executive Producer
This Week in Amateur Radio
This Week in Amateur Radio Headline News
This Week in Amateur Radio International

Well Done TWIAR!!!

And our thanks for your efforts!

You can find TWIAR at:

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One thought on “TWIAR Turns 15 – Podcasts & Repeater Broadcasts for 780 Issues!

  1. k9zw says:

    Greg K4HSM just sent around:

    And with a new year comes a new site design.

    I’ve removed some of the content from the former site and will be adding new content over the next several weeks.

    Some of the pages will be “Coming Soon” for now, but I will work on them as I have time.

    Any broken links or problems with the site, please email





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