SQL, CAD, H44, Exchange Students, 5T2008 and Nuts & Bolts

What does SQL, CAD, H44, Exchange Students, 5T2008 and Nuts & Bolts all have to do with Amateur Radio?

We’ll I’m just back after a week training on SQL & CAD software, just finished a large special CAD project (using software other than what I trained on of course), had a large number of Bureau Cards arrive including confirmation of H44, was just told by my sons that “by the way, we’re getting a 14 year old German Exchange Student for 3 weeks, we think he will be here in a couple weeks….,” found time to fire up the station to worth the 5-Tango DXpedition, and then the keep busy stuff started…..

Changed Cars (it was overdue, as I clock a lot of miles each year), squeeked in a couple rehearsals & played a concert with the University Band, finished up my taxes & met with my accountant, ran middle son to Solo & Ensemble (Music Competition), completed some FASDA student thing for oldest son, firmed up Dayton Hamvention arrangements, drew up plans for a new deck at the house, upgraded several core systems software packages, had several overseas relatives and friends call saying they were coming to visit this summer – all at the same time – which needed sorting out, planned college visits and all the usual stuff….

All in all “life as usual” for me.

A bunch of blog posts prepared somehow didn’t post as scheduled, so I’ll be either clearing those or redoing them over the next few days.

Maybe I’ll squeek in enough time to work the 9X0R DXpedition and more as I do the blog fixing.



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