It’s “Gold” – The Power of Real Letters & Heartfelt Communications

We have an expression here at home about “receiving Gold.”

It’s Gold!

With so few people sending real letters, and with the proliferation of junk mail, when someone we know takes time to write a real letter to us we’ve named it “Gold” in our conversations.

One of our dearest friends occasionally even illustrates his letters! As he has written, he writes a bit, makes a cup of tea, fusses about his studio, perhaps goes off to work (or perhaps the pub) and then returns to the letter. When words need visuals the letter goes up on his easel in his conservatory to have watercolors illustrations added.

That his letters say things worth the hours or days that the letter is “in the works” highlights the magnitude of receiving such “Gold!”

Another dear friend who is a retired professor sends very intellectually challenging papers by post, which we then take apart over the months until one of us does another mailing.

Amateur Radio has it’s chance for Gold too. I’ve received some wonderful QSL cards and accompanying notes. Reality is that as an amateur can make hundreds of QSOs in a month, week or even day, it is pretty certain they can’t do something really personal to confirm each one.

But they can do QSL cards that have some meaning – that tell something about themselves, their QTH, their shack, their family, their country (specially if a DX country) and more!

If the QSO was specially noteworthy does it deserve a specially noteworthy confirmation?

Inbound QSLs have included notes, letters, flyers about the area, even a few hand done QSLs themselves.

Outbound I have multiple cards to choose from, try and add a couple lines of message, and have added a typed letter to a few.

I don’t think they K9ZW QSL’s have arrived at meeting the “Gold Standard” yet, but I am trying!

As for my dear friends who send special “Gold” in the mail, I make a point to handwrite letters when I can!



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