Heat to Electricity to Radio – Thermocouple Electrical Power Generation?

GlobalTEG Thermo Electric Generator

Electrical Power Generation From Heat – not far fetched, as isn’t that how a steam plant works? 

But what about Direct Electrical Power Generation From Heat?  That seems a bit more a task.

At my favorite coffee shop, The Red Cup on Washington Island, I noticed a self-contained electric fan.  It used a thermocouple type of set up to generate enough power to run a small electric fan.

 Very cool!

SO what about powering a radio this way?

Seems it has been done.  England and Russia both had commerical offerings well into the 1950’s for Kerosene powered generators for radios!

Here is a website with several featured:


In the modern market place these themogenerators are available and mostly used commerically:


Now whether a small system would work for an amateur radio station needs to be worked out.

Certainly if buffered by a battery bank it would work.

Watching eBay for one of these vintage Thermo Electric Generators to give it w a whirl!



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One thought on “Heat to Electricity to Radio – Thermocouple Electrical Power Generation?

  1. robrt bailey says:

    i can rember an article in practical wireless in the early sixtys of a chap listening to the radio whilst smoking a hooka with a thermocouple arranged around the top . i think he made it with an iron fe andcopper cu arrangement with about 15 joins .it was a long time ago but as a schoolboy i thought it was really cool although in those days i would have said good the chap was in persia or bombay,somewhere without mains electricity .so i was looking for constructional article and stumbled on this page – Steam Guy Willy from England

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