Shiver & Moan – Ready for Spring at K9ZW

It continues to be either silly cold or over the top with snow here in Northeastern Wisconsin. 

Temperatures have seldom gone too much below -10F (-23c), but they have been there often and for lengthy periods.  The National Weather Service has declared it the snowiest winter they have recorded for Wisconsin.

Equipment is starting to show signs of winter fatigue.  Quite a number of cable-ties used to tidy-up the tower have snapped in the cold.   My anti-climb guards have part fallen away (one must be under the 2 foot of snow out there) as a result. 

The heavy layer of ice fortunately came from rain on top of snow, so the wire antennas were ok.  Getting out to check them is a bit of a slog, and I enlisted one of my sons to put on shoeshoes to run around the property checking things over.

Ready for Spring here!



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One thought on “Shiver & Moan – Ready for Spring at K9ZW

  1. Mark Morgan says:

    veryu strange weather [aterns i am oh roughly 200 miles away and we are having a normal to mild winter the first couple of strom were realy nasty since then relitivaly mild not a lot of real cold indeed I don’t that we have had as many day below 0f as normal either

    snow mid to light have a bout 3 foot on the ground now

    the varriation is very strange

    Mark kb9rqz

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