REPOST – Hey Gilligan, where’s the Skipper? US Islands Program

Ok, so you’ve been working towards your Worked All States (WAS) award on every known band, have been chasing DX for a higher level DXCC award, have just started on the second time around on your Worked All Counties award, what is next?

How about giving the US Islands Program a try?

US Islands Program Logo

There are two angles to this program:

First to work as many US Islands as possible for 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 & 2000 Island Awards. If you are working from a DX QTH the first award starts at 50 Islands.

The second angle is to get to a US Island and operate from there. You can even apply to be listed as the amateur activating an Island for the first time.

Our friend Dean K3GGN, has done just that for several Islands! Very cool! Dean K3GNN is also an well known DXer with 336 All Time Countries confirmed!

Dean often operates from his QTH on the south west side of Washington Island Wisconsin (US Islands Program Identifier WI-001L). So he keeps up an Island operation even when not activating a new island.

Check out this exciting program. You can find the program rules at the US Islands Program Website.

And when you are calling an Island maybe you can ask Gilligan if the Skipper is around!



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