A Little Assist to the South Cook Islands – NEWDXA Lends a Hand

NEWDXA (Northeast Wisconsin DX Association) recently discussed a situation in the South Cook Islands.

A few years back NEWDXA sent a 160m antenna to Victor E51CG and had learned that in extreme weather the center balun had perished.

After discussion it was decided to make sure that Victor E51CG received the parts he needed and also that NEWDXA was making him an Honorary DX Member of NEWDXA!

A couple days after the meeting I read in an article that Scot K9JY posted that Richard AD7AF was heading out to the Cook Islands to operate as E51WWA.

Putting two & two together an email to NEWDXA’s John NZ9Z set things in motion. With only two regularly active hams on the Cooks (E51CG and Jim E51JD) it was pretty likely that AD7AF/E51WWA would meet up with Victor during his stay.

AD7AF/E51WWA was kind enough to pick up a will-call order at HRO on his way to the airport and has hand delivered the needed parts to Victor E51CG!!

If you read this months World Radio the E51CG/E51JD/E51WWA events are written up!

We should have a photo of everyone together this trip in a few weeks.

Hopefully the effort will help return E51-land to 160m!



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