Old vs New – Amateurs of All Interests and Abilities

Recently I’ve had an email dialogue with a well known (but not named here as I will take the heat for anything I write) amateur who had received outright “hate emails” and further felt some amateurs had shunned him, because of his opinions he had written up in various blog posts.

He had ventured to touch one of the “third rails” of amateur radio – the Code/No-Code thing.

No bad thing that.  We need to understand the views and voices of our hobby’s members.

But Hate Mail as a result??!!

This is just a hobby.  A passion for many, but certainly a hobby alone for the vast majority. 

As such, to EVER dish out scathing “Hate Mail” because an author holds an opinion differing yours is wrong. 

 Categorically wrong without question.

We’re participants in a very diverse hobby – one that has as EQUALLY VALID members who may build their own replica crystal & tube radios intending to operate QRP with CW, to ones who take pride in having the “killer DX station” regardless of expense, to those enamored of satellites, GPS’s, Computers and Digital Modes, to others who travel as much as possible so as to be able to operate from far flung locations.

These, and the many I have not named, are parallel and equally valid interests and opportunities in the hobby.

Puzzling to meet Amateurs first licensed before I was born who strive each day to learn something new about their hobby, finding the same “let’s learn” attitude in Boomers & Brand New hams, but then finding strange attitude of “If you don’t see it my way, you are not a ‘real-ham’ attitude,” again in all ages and experiences of amateurs.

Actually that attitude is OK internalize, but when externalized in bad behavior it is inexcusable.  It is the ham set upon “raining on others parades” that should reconsider whether they are well placed in our shared hobby.

Where do you fit in the scheme of Amateur Radio and how can you do better supporting your fellow ham?

If you are like me, you will be able to see ways you can strive to better yourself, your hobby and Elmer those your life touches!

Looks like we all could be busy – see you there!



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3 thoughts on “Old vs New – Amateurs of All Interests and Abilities

  1. Gabriele says:

    As a “two years old” ham I can clearly see what Steve is talking about.
    In my short ham experience I met some good elmers, open minded people with a great knowlege and happy to share it with other people; they are not “I know all” people, they have no problems to tell “I don’t know much about this, tell me something about it!”. Other people, instead, are good operators but very focused on their knowledge and “jealous” to share it with others, they are afraid to have to admit the lack of knowledge about something, they often say “Digital modes sucks, only cw operators are ‘real’ operators” or “qrp is the real essence to be an ham, contesting is bad” or something about this. Our hobby, as Steve told, is so diverse that is quite impossible to be an expert in all its aspects; it’s important to be open minded to other ham experiences, this, IMHO, is part of the ham spirit.


  2. Scot Herrick says:

    The great strength of our hobby is the diversity of people and operating modes. That brings challenges of spectrum and some rules, but it amazes me how much we beat on the strengths of the hobby instead of celebrating it.

    I’ve gone from CW to DX to DXpeditions to contesting to packet to PSK to public service. The diversity is why I stay in the hobby.

  3. Mark Morgan says:

    it is hard to beleive that hate mail resulted for the insurance issue blog entry/ and coments but I am not going to even sugest you are not being honest

    sadly though many people ( and some hams amoug them) can’t face anything that distrubs thoughts I get hate email almost daily , and death threats are thankfully down to being a an only weekly occourance all either unsigned with signed with email addies that are detected as forged by my email software

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