SPE Expert Amp North American Announcement – Sales and Repair










SPE Expert Amp

NOTE – Update Nov. 6th, 2011 – After a series of various arrangement Expert SPE has a USA branch – details at:  http://www.expertampsusa.com/

Original Article follows


Just up on the SPE Website:

Announcement for all the U.S. and Canada purchasers of Expert 1K-FA.

SPE is very pleased to announce that with immediate effect, Custom RF Solutions, Colorado, USA is appointed sales and repair agents for North America. The parent company of Custom RF Solutions is B&B Technical Services, well known for their capacity as excellent service engineers for all brands of equipment, and owned by Bill Leahy, K0ZL,and Bonnie Leahy, KB0HTC. Contact details are as follows

Custom RF Solutions
5293 Arbutus St.
Arvada, CO 80002
email: bbtech1@gmail.com
Website: www.customrfsolutions.com

Following recent technical improvements to the Expert 1K-FA amplifier, SPE wishes all customers to have the benefit of these improvements, and invites all US owners of the Expert to contact Custom RF Solutions who will arrange for shipping, and for the improvements to be carried out, all at no cost to the customer. In addition to this, SPE is aware that some Expert amplifiers previously sold by Arraysolutions may require service attention and invites those customers to contact Custom RF Solutions accordingly”




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