More on the SPE Expert 1K-FA Amp Situation

SPE has made a formal announcement concerning their progress to re-establish a USA & North America Sales & Service network:

SPE wishes to make the following announcement –

1. We have approached several potential new resellers for the Expert amplifier in the USA. At this time of year it is difficult to get things done quickly, but we confirm that draft agreements are with possible resellers and we are waiting to hear from them. These resellers have been invited to provide after sales service for the customers who have purchased amplifiers from ArraySolutions. If this is not possible to arrange we will make sure that there is a separate repair facility.

2. We have not wanted to tell customers about the details of the dealer meeting in Rome, where two amplifiers were tested to destruction. The reason is that we feared that a distorted version of events may emerge.

Regrettably, this seems to have happened.

The FACTS are that we discovered that the cooling regime in the amplifier was not adequate under some operating conditions (remember, it is a small unit), and also the location of the temperature measurement device in the PA could be better.

For most customers this is not an issue, but in very heavy use, or if the customer presented the unit with some irregular tuning conditions, the amplifier would fail.

So, we have fixed these problems.

We also found that there is one capacitor in the ATU that has been prone to breakdown due to a manufacturing batch problem.

We have thrown 600 of those capacitors in the trashcan, and we now use capacitors that are known to be good.

New metalwork has been produced to re-direct more of the cooling airflow across the PA module.

The location of the thermocouple sensor has been changed, and new firmware was written to send the amplifier into half-power mode sooner, to protect it, were the temperature sensor to pick up an unacceptable condition.

Since we did all those things we and our dealers have not been able to make any modified amplifiers fail. .

3. There is a rumor that our dealers have all been “gagged” and are not allowed to tell you anything. They certainly have not been gagged. Just ask them about this!

4. We will bring you some more news after the Christmas break. SPE will be closed from today until 2nd January. Please be patient with us, and have a fine Christmas.

Gianfranco Scasciafratti

Head of SPE.

More when they announce their plans.



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One thought on “More on the SPE Expert 1K-FA Amp Situation

  1. Hi Steve,
    We have been the North American reps for SPE and the Expert 1K-FA since Jan 4 of this year. We are currently selling the Expert 1K-FA version III, which has all of the factory updates that Gianfranco mentioned, for $3690 plus shipping (about 300 to any location in North America).

    We are also servicing the Version I and II amps sold in the U.S. and updating them to the Version III which has proven to be trouble-free so far.

    Please visit our website for up-to-date information on the Expert:

    All the best and 73!

    Bill K0ZL
    Bonnie KB0HTC

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