Finding a Real Software Bug – NeoOffice Bugzilla

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Working with NeoOffice (an OS-X version of OpenOffice) typing the meeting minutes for the Mancorad W9DK Radio Club meeting last Wednesday sharp eyes (thank you Dan N9NCU) spotted some run-together words in the exported pdf that did not appear in the editable swx file.

Reporting the finding at the NeoOffice Bugzilla website I had hoped to learn it was some sort of operating error on my part, but the developers found they could duplicate the error at will, and could not make it go away, so I am now the originator of NeoOffice Bugzilla Bug #2813 “Kerning Issues when Exporting to pdf.”

Never found a for real bug before!

Expect it will be something that becomes included in the next NeoOffice 2.2.2 patch (currently patch level is Patch-4).



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2 thoughts on “Finding a Real Software Bug – NeoOffice Bugzilla

  1. Sanu says:


    Is it possible to download and use NeoOffice Bugzilla.
    If so pls let me know where i can go for that.


  2. k9zw says:

    Hi Sanu – check out the BugZilla Project Website:



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