SPE Expert 1K-FA Amp’s USA Future & Support in Flux

The SPE Expert 1K-FA website has been updated to say:

Announcement for all the U.S. purchasers of Expert 1K-FA. 

SPE is negotiating to establish, very soon, a new technical assistance and repair center located in the U.S.A.

All the U.S. purchasers of the Expert 1K-FA may contact this center for after-sales service and technical support.

We want to reassure all those purchasers that SPE will take care of their needs. We do however ask them to understand the difficult situation SPE is in at the moment, since there is no more maintenance service offered by those who carried out the sales.

We will make another announcement shortly with the name and contact details of our U.S. Support Center. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Array Solutions Expert 1K-FA Website has been updated saying:

 Effective immediately: Array Solutions has discontinued its relationship with SPE, the manufacturer of the Expert 1K-FA linear amplifier.

We have been instructed that all sales and service will now be handled by SPE directly. Please contact SPE if you have any questions whatsoever pertaining to their products or service.

We are maintaining our User Group for those who own an SPE Expert 1K-FA Amplifier. Follow the link in the menu to the left or click here.

For sales, warranty, repair, or service please point your browser to http://www.linear-amplifier.com


I guess this explains why Array Solutions never shipped my Amp!

Shipping to Italy  for service is VERY expensive and therefore many of the needs of these new amps are being handled outside of the warranty provisions.

There have also been some issues with the Second USA Amp shipment being different (and having different difficulties) than the First USA Amp shipment’s Amps.

Whether for cost reasons or other reasons, the changes made to the second series are not being favorably received.

SPE had a revised main firmware Chip available to address some issues.

What little information that there is can be found summarized on the SPE Expert 1K-FA User List (which Array Solutions has agreed to continue to host).

It is too early to predict what will happen with this interesting product.

More as it develops!



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