Putting Something Back – Playing a Concert for the Infirm & Unwell

The Skunk Hollow & Carp Town Saxophone Conspiracy playing Dec 2007 for the Manitowoc Health Care Center
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Every now and then we each get a chance to put something back in our community. Often I’ve found helping “Elmer” new amateurs and doing training for people fills the spot.

For several years I’ve also run a saxophone ensemble – “The Skunk Hollow & Carp Town Saxophone Conspiracy

Set up as a paying gig, we’ve done perhaps more education & charity performances over the years.

This year we were able to arrange to play Christmas Music for the patients & staff of the Manitowoc Health Care Center. The inside-downtown setup makes photographing the ensemble and the audience very hard, and we were told that HIPA (Health Information Protection Act) rules might be a problem if we did photographs with everyone.

The patients at the MHCC are those who Alzheimer’s, Mental Illness, Chronic Substance Abuse and Other Diseases have interfered with their lives to the point they need a sheltered medical facility to survive.

Many of the patients sang along, some made their own joyous noises and others just shared their presence with us as we played.

Hopefully our performance will have helped at least a small touch of Christmas’s joy to have touched these kind folk, somehow.

We tried to hold up our end.



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One thought on “Putting Something Back – Playing a Concert for the Infirm & Unwell

  1. Trying to make Christmas time happier for these people it’s an important thing. Listening to music made them feel certainly less alone!


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