GlobalQSL – US to US QSL Options & Solutions

Received a clarification from GlobalQSL on how they will be handling US Station to US Station QSLs:



You now have a choice for how you send and receive your QSLs with other Stateside hams!

We at GlobalQSL are happy to announce a brand new, cost-effective and time-saving way to send and receive QSL cards including cards from U.S. stations to U.S. stations.
These are the same high-quality printed cards from GlobalQSL that includes your QSO information printed directly onto the card.

Terms and conditions of this program:

All of our American customers will receive their incoming QSLs from other GlobalQSL subscribers.
These will be mailed to their designated postal mailing address in bundles of 99 cards shipped via surface mail at a cost of only $4 per shipment.
This payment will be deducted from your account with 50 qsls that equals $4.
But, for the next 6 months, as a way of introducing this incredible service, GlobalQSL will mail your cards at no charge,That’s right- FREE!

If you cannot wait for the 99 cards to accumulate we will send you any partial quantity via air mail at your request.Simply view “My incoming QSL” section at your account on the GlobalQSL website, click the POD (Print On Demand) icon, and we will print the amount of pending cards you have on file and send them to you via air mail.
The cost of this service is $6 per shipment.
This payment will be deducted from your account with 75 qsls that equals $6.
You must have the minimum credit for 100 cards in your account for this action.
How does this program work?

A. If the recipient station is a GlobalQSL customer; he will be notified at the “Incoming QSL” section in his account viewable on the GlobalQSL website.
B. If the recipient station is not a GlobalQSL customer, we will send him his first 9 cards by mail to his private address listed on
Afterward, we will send him his cards in batches of 99 cards.
When he becomes a GlobalQSL subscriber, we will ship his cards according to his instructions.
OK, so what do you need to do? Action MUST be taken NOW!
1. Please go to your account and verify that your postal mailing address is O.K.
2. Zip code must contain 5 digits.
3. Navigate to “My Account” after that to “My call signs” and mark them “Direct to my address.”
4. Forward this mail to any American ham you know if you think they too would be interested in exchanging high-quality printed QSL cards a cheaper and faster way.


GlobalQsl team

Hope this helps clarify the problem & solution,



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