Well Balanced Machinery – How some Machines just Work and Feel ‘Right’!

Man designs and makes so many machines to be either the most extreme on some measure or another – the fastest, the biggest, the sleekest, the most luxury, the most horsepower, or some other extreme.

And then man occasionally designs and builds tools, cars or equipment that has something special – a balance that appeals.

In shooting I have found this to be the case in the Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout.

Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout 308 Rifle

Shotgunning, for me it is the Benelli Montefeltro.

Benelli Montefeltro Shotgun

For handguns I have found the Steyr GB 9mm to have the elusive balance sought.

Steyr GB 9mm Pistol

Of the planes I’ve flown and owned one stands out as balanced exceptionally well, the uncommon Twin-Navion.

Tempco-Reily D-16A Twin-Navion

In motoring I’ve found that my vintage Panhard PL-17 Sedan, the Citroen CX2400 Pallas C-matic Sedan and the Benelli 900 Sei motorcycle have that special “something.”

Panhard PL-17 Sedan Grand Routier

Citroen CX2400 Pallas C-Matic Sedan

Benelli 900 Sei Motorcycle

Later this week I will outline what Amateur Radio gear I’ve found has that special balance – and I would love to hear what you have found has that balance for you!



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