Sample “Sudden Storm” Receiver Kit Built

A Completed 9v Sudden Storm Receiver

(The photo is from Rex W1REX’s websight as I built the 12v version).

Built Rex Harper W1REX’s “Sudden Storm” receiver kit in about an hour the other evening, as a sample-build for a possible club building project. 

From the website:

 The Sudden Storm kit is QRPme’s implementation of G3RJV Rev. George Dobbs’ Sudden Receiver as written up in October 2006 Practical Wireless magazine.

It makes the perfect companion receiver to the Two Tinned Tunas or Tuna Tin 2 kit.

An easy and straight forward kit to build with NO surface mount parts.

All the parts come sealed inside a factory fresh tuna can with an easy open pull top lid and custom label.

This kit is an excellent kit for ‘beginners’ or ‘experts’ alike and also makes a perfect gift. Can be assembled in one evening by a ‘beginner’.

A great conversation piece for every QRPer’s bench!”

The build was very straight forward, with a single undersized hole to deal with.  Product improvement does have a couple bottom size grounding jumpers added, which I nearly missed. 

Power options towards the end of the build are for either use of a 9v Battery or for drawing power from a 12v supply.

I’m not certain this is the kit for our club project, most due to the the need to appeal to pre-HF members, but it was a fun build and went together very well. 

Good fun & recommended!  Tell Rex W1REX I sent you!



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