Not so Hardy Hard Drives – Macbook Repairs

It took hardly any time yesterday at lunch at all to put in another 160GB hard drive in my Macbook and format it from a host Mac over Firewire.

Maybe it took longer than I thought, as I was playing with the new operating system release on a big iMac.

Tonight I’ll install Leopard OS-X 10.5 and see if the .Mac backup really works.

Then it will be “reinstall-time” for all my specialized applications, Amateur Radio and otherwise.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t occassioally pull a disk image onto one of the varied external hard drives I have about.  While in the Apple shop I noticed that 1TB drives are sub-$400 now!  I have one Terrabyte External Drive (iomega highspeed 7200rpm version) in my office next to me that ran less than $240 delivered.

Sourced a G-5 dual processor tower which may become the shack computer.



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