Contest… Contest? What Contest?? – Breaking & Fixing Things

Ok, so from the start the CQ WW contest was never a main objective of a rapidly planned run to W9EVT’s QTH on Washington Island WI-001L.

But who would have planned for high winds requiring the towers to be down, extended rain to add to the fun, a laptop hard drive that went “ping” within hours of arrival, finding the Yaesu FT-950 DIN pins have nothing to do with any other Yaesu product making the cables I brought along useless to run a linear, sudden serious tower troubles with one tower that put the Mosely 96S, Bruce Array and Loop off line, and a couple bad commercially made co-ax jumpers that gave false SWR errors on certain otherwise good antennas while they were in use?

On the plus side I did get a fair bit of time with the FT-950 and a wonderful combination of the Ten-Tec Omni-VII and Expert Amp. Also spent quite a while operating the IC-7800.

The TimeWave AntennaSmith came in handy, though the foul weather kept towers down and operators inside so we didn’t get to work with the Riserbond TDR and the ex-Military Megger.

More over the next couple days after I unpack and sort something out for Laptop repair.



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3 thoughts on “Contest… Contest? What Contest?? – Breaking & Fixing Things

  1. w4kaz says:

    I’d be very interested in a review of the ft-950 in a contest environment, as well as opinions of how it compares to the Omni VII. The Omni VII is a delight.

  2. […] – December – 2007 · No Comments The crank-up tower problem on Washington Island had taken down the Bruce Array I had built for […]

  3. k9zw says:

    Please note that apparently the SPE Expert 1K-FA amp is currently not available in North America. As of November 15th 2007 Array Solutions and SPE went their separate ways.

    More on this in a post in the next week or so.



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