Domestic QSL Hick-Up – GlobalQSLs are not DX QSLs per ARRL

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GlobalQSL has addressed a problem with USA Amateurs using GlobalQSL to send QSL cards to other USA Amateurs via the ARRL Bureaus.

For the most part this is a no-go situation.

Correspondence from Bureau Managers confirmed that GlobalQSL has been working with them to find a solution, and a GloablQSL announcement is promised in the next few weeks.

As one Bureau manager explained that even if the GlobalQSL cards would be acceptable for QSL confirmation between USA Amateurs, that only USA Amateurs interested in DXing tend to keep SASEs or Credits with their Bureau. So the majority of USA to USA QSLs sent into the ARRL Incoming Bureaus would end up in “unclaimed” files and never distributed.

Of course this does not affect USA Amateur to DX Amateur, or DX Amateur to USA Amateur QSL cards exchanges using the GlobalQSL printing service. Their may be similar situations for a DX Station wanting to QSL another station that is not DX to them, as their home country’s Bureau system would have to be checked. Basically if they can send another amateur in their own country a QSL via their country’s bureau system, then they should be OK.

I’ve written to each of the Ten ARRL main Bureau Managers and some of the various geographically special ARRL Bureau’s Managers to ask them to send on to me any GlobalQSLs put into the system before the problem was realized and have told them I would cover their postage.

ARRL Bureau Letter on GlobalQSL Domestic Card Problem by K9ZW

The time savings to me to have these QSLs already filled in is still a huge savings in QSL Card processing time, but obviously the focus for a USA Amateur is to use GlobalQSL for DX contacts.

I’ll have a posting when GlobalQSL makes their official announcement of the system update, but I can tell you that the system they have discussed with me is going to be good!

—- As I was preparing this for posting one of the Bureau Managers corrected me, that it is acceptable to send GlobalQSLs to the various geographically special ARRL Bureaus (like Alaska, Hawaii and the islands that each have a ARRL USA Bureau) if you are a lower-48 based Amateur. I stand corrected!



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