Imagine an Receive Array Antenna 1000 ft long by 450 ft high! – The Chernobyl 2 OTHR Antenna


View on the Top of the Russian Woodpecker at Nikolayev in the Ukraine




Here is a photo visit to the antenna array from one of the Russian Woodpecker OTHR Sites.The Soviets began building their Over The Horizon Radar (OTHR) systems in the late 50’s and fired them up on November 7th, 1971.

The OTHR systems were to detect ICBM missile launches.

The Russian Woodpecker, were known as “Steel Yard” or “Steel Works” within the Western intelligence agencies, were responsible for massive QRM across the Amateur Radio bands.

The Soviets built three systems, one located in each of Nikolayev in the Ukraine, Chernigov in the Ukraine, and Komsomolsk-na-Amure in Asiatic Russia.

This ftp file list website of  photos features the Chernobyl 2 OTHR at the Nikolayev, Ukraine location:  – NEW URL as of 28 April 2008

For reference the scale of these arrays are massive – this one has a receiving array  450 feet (135 meters) high and 1000 ft (300 meters) long with a transmitting array is 280 feet (85 meters) high and 690 feet (210 meters) long.

No word if these have ever been fired up for Amateur use.  Now that is a thought, eh?




The links for additional photos appear to have changed.

Another link with photos is:

 And another –




More on the Russian Mega Antennas – Woodpecker/Duga-3

NTI Article on the System

Ariel from NGA

Google View 1

Google View 2

Google View 3

Google View 4

Google View 5

Google View 6

Powering the Duga-3 Antenna

Private Photo Collection

The Spooks Newsletter Article on Duga-3

Photo Set from within the Contaminated Area

Another Photo Set from within the exclusion Zone

YouTube Film of Part of One of the Arrays being Taken Down for Salvage 





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10 thoughts on “Imagine an Receive Array Antenna 1000 ft long by 450 ft high! – The Chernobyl 2 OTHR Antenna

  1. Ronald D Moyers says:

    Wow-I just heard Steven Quayle speaking about this on the George Noory’s “Coast to Coast” Radio Show Thursday-29-07 and it is so very interesting even though it is basically over my head for the most part. The Internet is going to save us all! Good job.

  2. ronald fidge says:

    Their at least 20 of these weapons of mass weather alteration presently in operation.
    Mr. Gore’s statement on page 190 of his book,
    The Inconvienent Truth states that scientests cant figure out why the upper atmosphere is
    heating up quicker over the S. pole than any place else on earth; Reason are that these
    ionospheric heating atomic powered Static
    Electric Pulse Generator’s (SEPGs) are bouncing their pulses off the ionosphere at the antarctic.
    ? Why is the vastly largest Ozone hole and the
    greatest upper atmosphere temp. changes causing the quickest destruction of ice shelves
    all happening at the S. plole? when the CO2
    producing populace is in the N 1/2 of our Earth?
    Reason ” SEPG’s.” Some of the 30 or so Short
    Wave signals are, 6.400 to .405 6.445 6.350 4.210 4.240 4.285 4.230 8.480 8.490 8.590 8.310 . Tune in and listen to the Enemys
    of the Truth at work; out to get rid of 2/3 of us.
    These weapons can attract moisture, thus the
    El nino of 98 had hanging steel bars and hanging
    magnets swinging at 15 Deg’s. , one swing ps . The acceleration of Katrina -others including Dean which in their evil zeal they over accelerat-ed / steered and tore Dean in two.
    These igornant folks caused the early spring
    hear in N. Calif. by concentrating the Ozone over Cannada; The Global Ozone map for 03 12 07 was altered, we had a major crop freeze when they collapsed the Ozone.
    The same thing for the 02 13 07 record ice/ snow storm over NewYork. A Giant concentration of Ozone over the East coast of
    Cannada. A High Ozone concentration= blocked
    UV light= cold air=low pressure/ a big vaccum,
    sucks in near by fronts. So much more these
    over population cultic fear freeks are doing;
    ( Destroying our Earth ) ” Expose them!”.

  3. k9zw says:

    Perhaps Ron hasn’t noticed that this array is defunct?

    Usually one hears these fears of conspiracy directed at large transmission arrays like High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), not idle former over the horizon radar sites. (see )



  4. ronald fidge says:

    Dear Steve

    I find that a brillant fellow such as you can be missing some of the hidden facts, as our friend
    Mr. Al Gore. This isnt a little game, but it’s our
    lives we are talking about.
    Can you explain the 30 or more ULF pulse signals that can presently be intercepted on Short Wave Radio? ; transmitting at 6.25 Cycles Per Second. Woodpecker use to be 6. CPS, but
    it was found that 6.26 CPS is far more irritating
    to human life. Comunists leaders have never been known for their hospitality.
    Yes, of the 4 reactors at that sight I understand
    that #3 is still running; are they going too on
    or off this death sight ? they have 2 more in their northern parts aimed; where do you think?

    These 16 pole antennas can be seen in S. China &
    7 are hitting the ionosphere over the S Pole and
    12 Ionospheric Heating Atomic Powered Static
    Electric Pulse Generators are heating up the upper atomosphere over the N Pole.
    These High tech. weapons use various frequencys to accomplish their Evil deeds, most
    factual was their use to greatly accelerate the El-
    nino of 1998, using a 1CPS Pulse.
    The most common, 6.25 CPS causes great harm
    to both large & small animals ( Honey Bee’s )
    Sea life is greatly affected, but these folks let
    their sick- unfounded beliefs over ride their
    love for life and the fact that their is an awsome
    Heigher Power who has every thing under control. YES !

    I CARE — Ron
    ( CPS )

  5. […] found here at English Russia, but a much better bit is here at With Varying Frequency, an amateur radio site. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social […]

  6. k9zw says:

    Updated additional photo URLs after readers tipped me off that the old ones were inop. – 73 Steve K9ZW

  7. […] dieser Amaterufunkseite ist besonders der Kommentartteil […]

  8. […] See:  Imagine an Receive Array Antenna 1000 ft long by 450 ft high! – The Chernobyl 2 OTHR Antenna […]

  9. […] of the stuff can be found here at K9ZW. Thanks to Steve over there for the heads up on the update. Share and Enjoy: These icons […]

  10. Adventurer says:

    Lots of fantasy – very little technical knowledge.
    Confusion with actual transmitted frequency and Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)
    The antenna array outside Pripyat is surely just receiving only (?) with the transmission antennas about 60km away near to Chernihiv. The two arrays on site enabling the broadband frequency coverage. They are typical curtain arrays which can be seen at any large Shortwave Radio Station. The size produces the gain of the system need because of the “Radar Equation” level of signal returns. The acual antenna elements are standard cage dipoles (Nadenenko Dipoles in Russian see Antentop -02-2004, #006 at URL mirror: albeit exceptionally sturdily built

    What have the ChNNP reactors at Chornobyl have to do with the situation – they only generate commercial electrical power

    Confusion with OTH radars and the HAARP situation

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