Blow by Blow – Contesting Defined and Directed by Scot K9JY

Antennas that might be used Contesting

Scot K9JY had been doing a day-by-day looks at Contesting Tips that would improve a “Contester’s” enjoyment of “Radio Sport.” They would also help move their scores towards the optimum a Contester might achieve given their commitment, time and station resources.

After writing a contest tip a day for the month of September, Scot K9JY thought it would be a good thing to consolidate all of the links to the articles into a single article so people could easily reference each tip.

The resulting post’s URL is here:

Any one of us interested in contesting would benefit from a read through Scot K9JY’s excellent checklist of contesting tips!

While you are reading Scot K9JY’s 30 tips series make sure and have a look through all his other fine articles!

Thank you Scot K9JY for the great work!




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