Keeping that Signal Pure as the Driven Snow – The CleanRF System

CleanRF Logo

The CleanRF System by Tyler Stampfli KA0KA (formerly KW0AM) is a very interesting system to check your RF signal after amplification against the RF signal fed into your amp.

  • When an HF Linear Amplifier is not tuned correctly, out of band, unintelligible RF products will develop.
  • The “Splatter View” model RF-D (RF Demodulator) and series RF-S (Variable RF Sampler) was created to insure that your signal remains truly linear and distortion free for maximum intelligibility! (See “Splatter View” Series products)
  • Now, a real-time signal comparison between your amplifier’s various pre and post operating conditions can be achieved!
  • The model RF-D and series RF-S, when used with your existing oscilloscope, will provide you with a reference observation as your occupied RF bandwidth remains directly proportional to your transmitter’s audio passband. Say goodbye to mistuned nonlinear amplifiers and dirty signals forever!

CleanRF Sensor Pair

My friend George W9EVT has obtained a set of sensors from KA0KA’s CleanRF and I am looking forward to working with them soon.  Field Report to follow!



(Tyler KA0KA callsign updates 04 May 2009)


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