GlobalQSL presentation to NEWDXA Club

Last Saturday I was asked to speak to NEWDXA the North-East Wisconsin DX Association on using the GlobalQSL system as a QSL option for DX Operations.


GlobalQSL’s service is an upload-to-print QSL card printing & routing service.

GlobalQSL logo

I’ve written about this system several times, starting with Let the Machine do the Work – GlobalQSL QSL Printing Service.

The presentation went very well.  As I needed to be ready to do the presentation on short order I went with a combination of a printout of the articles on GlobalQSL from this blog, show-and-tell example GlobalQSL printed cards to pass around, and a verbal presentation.

The bureau cards I have received that GlobalQSL has printed are simply stunning! 

As a reminder the cards GlobalQSL puts into the bureau system on your behalf can only be delivered to Radio Amateurs who are active with their bureaus.  For domestic QSLing this may be a hindrance if you need a particular QSO confirmed and the other party doesn’t do bureau. 



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2 thoughts on “GlobalQSL presentation to NEWDXA Club

  1. Hans says:

    Thanks to your article, I registered there, designed my QSL card and ordered them.

    Let’s see if they live up to their claims.


  2. NØHR says:

    I’ve been kicking around the idea of using GlobalQSL myself and have also registered for an account. I’ll see for myself how the system works but I do like the idea.


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