The Leaves are Turning – Readying for Winter

Flocks of Canada Geese flying southbound in v-shaped wave after wave, silhouetted by the burnt auburns, rusty colors and golden yellows bursting from the changing leaves of the surrounding woods.

The large Jake Turkey strutting through the yard, uncomfortably eyeing the four or five deer of mixed ages & sizes feeding near the ravine. 

As one drives the golden & deeper browns of various fields ready for harvest.  Feed Corn standing proud, the grains rippling in the breeze waiting for that moment when the farmer decides the time is just right.

Walking in the woods the dozen grouse that one by one get up and fly, escaping from the nearness of my striding by. 

Reading the newspaper and seeing pictures of huge fish and heavy-racked deer shown off by the harvesting sportsmen, the high school football pictures, and advice to the farmer on making this harvest a success.

It all adds up to the wonders of Autumn, with the impending certainty of winter not far behind.

And it is time to check the antennas, to finish the outside projects at the tower and ready one’s shack for those months where dark hours exceed the lit, where a cup of coffee is more than a drink when it warms your hands after the quick dash outside to make a minor adjustment.

Here at K9ZW it is time to finish off the tower-base electronics housing – that box that will contain the switching, lightening protection and connections that feed RF in and out of the ether.

It is time to trench-in that last run of “Bury Flex” to put the vertical antenna back on-line.

And if I am quick enough about it I will free up time to shoot sporting clays and perhaps even some hunt time during those increasing scarce & precious daylight hours.

Not to have a reader think I rue Winter, but I am ready for a long Autumn first. 

One worries they are tempting an early winter by looking over the snowshoes, cross-country skis and ice-fishing tip-ups too early, but tempting fate I’ve already been.  Youngest sons will need new skis, having grown since last season, the damage I did to one ski pole makes ordering new poles a must before the trails open, and the smallest snowshoes also need replacing as these young men grow.

As this posts, I’ll be attending the NEWDXA DX Club meeting, an email arriving late last night asking me if I would put together a program on various QSL methods. 

Should be fun.

It is a wonderful world. 




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