Arduino Arrives & First Programs

As I first mentioned in Flexible Electronic Bits – The Arduino Electronics Prototyping Platform an Arduino Starter Kit from Adafruit was on its way.

Well it has arrived! 

Here is the Arduino successfulling running the first program I compiled and downloaded to it – a Blick the LED program:

Arduino Hooked Up to the Macbook 

Here is an up close look at the board:

Arduino up close  

And of the software running:

Arduino Software Running on the Macbook (OS-X Intel)

I will be working my way through the Arduino Tutorial – have Lessons 0, 1 & 2 done this evening.

I won’t have too much time to play with the device until I get caught up on chores around the house, but first impressions are very positive!

More to follow!




5 thoughts on “Arduino Arrives & First Programs

  1. Marc says:

    Hi OM

    Would it not be nice to use the Arduino together with software controlled PTT ?

    Like with cocoaPTT and/or cocoaModem to control your rig?

    Is this already done?



  2. k9zw says:

    Hi Marc PA9MG

    Thank you for your comment!

    I’ve imagined the Arduino doing tasks more like controlling a bank of radio/antenna/audio switches and monitoring & responding to certain safety issues.

    To to find the time to try all these ideas!



  3. Damon KC5CQW says:

    I would love to have my iDuino help automate my Elecraft K2 / mac mini station.
    The PTT and cocoaModem is a really good one!
    Rightnow I’m having a creative block and can’t think of any projects…

    BTW, I sent an email to about the Arduino. George said he would include something in the next broadcast.
    Perhaps someone much more knowledgeable can give him more information.

  4. K2KI says:

    I picked up an Arduino clone board called the Iduino from Wulfden (N1BQ’s site).

    I am going to attempt to use it as a controller for a SI570 chip. The SI570 in this case is on a board called an XTALL. The XTALL is a frequency controller for the Softrock series of SDR radios. It normally uses a 12f683 pic to perform frequency selection. I would like this unit to be a bit more on the smart side and maybe break out some controls with the A/D lines to allow “manual control”. (I would love for this to one day become a complete package including the processor and sound system in one box.)

    I am wondering if you are planning something similar with other DDS type boards? Maybe I can pick your brains? :-) (This is all new to me)

    73, cul…
    Bob de k2ki

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