K9ZW Station Recap – Stuff that Seems to be doing Good!

The current K9ZW Shack seems to be running well.  

SSB Signal reports are excellent and usually if I can hear the DX I can work them.

Here is a run down of the current shack:

Transceiver – TenTec Jupiter
Amplifier – Alpha 78 (one of the pair I had Alpha refurbish for me)
Antennas – 20m to 10m Tennadyne T-8 Log Periodic Beam, 160m to 40m W9INN 1/2 Sloper, 6m to 1.3ghz Tennadyne T-28 Log Periodic Beam
Amplifier/Transceiver Isolation –  AmpKeyer HF
Audio Panel – W2IHY 8-Band Unit
Antenna Switch – Array Solutions RatPak 6n remote switch
Watt/SWR Meter – Array Solutions PowerMaster
Power Distribution – RigRunners (two)
Power Supply – TenTec Power Units for the Jupiter (a pair)
Coax Feedlines – Davis RF “Buryflex”Rotor – Ham IV
Rotor Control – Green Heron RT-20
Computer – Generic Dell Pent-IV Box running XP Home
Transceiver Control Software – N4PY Pegasus Version 2.37
Digital Software & Logging Software – MixW Version 2.18
Microphone – Yaesu MD-200
Headset – audiophile Sennheisers
Tuner – Palstar AT4K (Military Style Version with the Built in fan) 
Dummy Load – ex-Navy 2.5 KW surplus unit
Digital Transceiver – TenTec Pegasus
Desktop Tuning Pod – TenTec 302
Data Headsets – Heil PMHS and Logitech 350 USB headsets

Almost all of these items have sort postings about them – you can use the “search” facility in the right-hand column of this page to find what I’d previously written about the items.

I am sure a missed a bunch of stuff and didn’t begin to touch upon the backups & spares.

All in all the station is working pretty well and at the present QTH it is likely it will only be incrementally improved.



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