Well it does have Some Radios – R/C Flying with the Boys

Based on the interest of my boys we’ve rejoined the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) AMA Logo 

and joined the local Radio Controlled Flying Club “Manitwo FlyersManiTwo RC Flyers Logo

We’ve had a plane for while, but I had never gotten around to reassembly. It is a built-from-kit “Ugly Stik 40” which I traded other hobby gear for with a good friend. Well built, but perhaps a bit on the hotter end of being a R/C trainer. Here is what it looks like (click on the picture for a larger view):

BigStik R/C Airplane

Our youngest, Victor (who is the only non-Radio Amateur Male in our house BTW….) has had the lessons so far. The club has excellent people and great facilities. I guess pretty soon I will have to give it some time and start lessons as well!

The Amateur Radio Connections are pretty obvious, but we need to accomplish the basics of R/C Flying first!




3 thoughts on “Well it does have Some Radios – R/C Flying with the Boys

  1. mark morgan says:

    wel i fly rc a bit myself never good id want to a passenger on my flights
    fist ham related bit I put on a plane was APRS made real handy when the plane got away from me

    FSATV is also fun and MFJ hasa decent tranmsitter for that


  2. Jeff says:

    Hey Steve, you know the HQ for the AMA is right here in Muncie, Indiana! They’ve got more than a 1000 acres of flying space and a Modeling Museum and HQ building on the grounds. Almost every weekend in the summer there is a competition here of some kind or another.

    Perhaps one day you will visit the AMA in Muncie and we can have an eyeball QSO!

    73 de Jeff

  3. k9zw says:

    I hope we can make that eyeball QSO work out! The RC thing is family lead (which translates as – boys want to try their hand at it, so Dad pays – the usual game!) and I’m hoping we will see a lot of effort on their part this way!



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