Special Offer from GlobalQSL – and yes I get something too…

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Just a heads up that GlobalQSL is offering anyone new to their system 50 free GlobalQSL QSL cards to try out their system.  They started this at Dayton and it has been a huge success for them.

Just contact Paul 4X6UU at their website GlobalQSL.com, tell him I sent you & that you qualify for the 50 free QSL cards, and he will fix you up.

And if you do mention I sent you, I will get a similar deal.   Not a huge deal to me, but I intend to donate any “reward QSL card credits” to our club’s US Island activations, so the “bounty” will go to a good cause.

In my latest package from the W9 Bureau, I’ve just received the first cards from others that were printed by GlobalQSL’s service, and they are outstanding quality.  Absolutely first rate!

Tell them I sent you,



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One thought on “Special Offer from GlobalQSL – and yes I get something too…

  1. Hello Steve
    I Just poped up here from Colin/MM0NDX’s blog.
    You got a nice page !
    Good to know that you are a happy GlobalQsl costumer Steve !
    I am there too ! :-)
    I hope to log you one day and get your card …
    Enjoy DX’s ! Shalom 73 !
    Eyran 4X4-2238 .

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